Invader ZiM Comic Summaries

i made this page as a personal study guide so i could build encyclopaedic knowledge of all things ZiM. i hope it's helpful to you as well as a general lore resource.
spoilers follow. i recommend reading the comics yourself for a better experience, and just using this page to look things up like "what issue did that happen in again?"

Issue #1: July 2015

the beginning of this issue was recycled for Enter the Florpus, then diverges later.
  1. (page 13) ZiM expected Gaz to also show up at his house, and refers to her by name... even if he mistakes a shrub for her.
  2. (page 16) Dib returns home after confronting ZiM to find everything in his room has been removed. Also, he's grounded. Apparently the confrontation went all night.
  3. (page 17) ZiM is filming Dib at home...
  4. (page 18) ZiM calls prisoner 777 in the Moo Ping 10 (good ref of a screaming Vortian).
  5. (page 21) ZiM holds the prisoner's children hostage. Then sets off to find a Xliactian about the Gargantis Array.
  6. (page 23) Dib understands Minimoose. Minimoose doesn't know Dib though?? Dib refers to his jacket as a "noirish spy" look. (Minimoose electrocutes Dib next page)
  7. (page 25) Prof. Membrane plays videogames with Gaz.

Issue #2: August 2015

continuation of issue #1.
  1. (page 1) The navigator of the Massive has cyan eyes today.
  2. (page 5) ZiM has to hang up on the Tallest because GIR is making a smoothie inside the Voot and he needs to go yell at him. TAK's ship refuses to track ZiM's ship even though it's made of garbage(probably easy to track)
  3. (page 8) Dib describes ZiM as a "tiny, red-eyed irken with a tinier stupid robot" who yells a lot. On page 11 he uses a wanted poster pic of him with no wig but with contacts. Weird.
  4. (page 10) ZiM eats a dark matter donut and throws up directly into space ):
  5. (page 12) TAK's ship apologises to Dib?? before landing on the biggest ball of shmoop (???)
  6. (page 13) Dib finds out that (flashback) Zim found the Xliactian he was looking for. also he has the best outfit ever
  7. (page 14) "space is your butt"
  8. (page 16) ZiM gives Dib a walkthrough on use of TAK's ship's lasers that I aspire to reach for its clarity and brevity
  9. (page 21) ZiM's tunic is really really stretchy
  10. (page 24) the plot culminates in ZiM broadcasting Dib's workout montage (with Dib singing his own montage music) to the universe. lots of alien designs here. ZiM asks for a ride home.

Issue #3: September 2015

ZiM installs a "star donkey" into Earth. he passes it off as an artistic project with his most amazing disguise ever(Shminvader Shmim).
  1. (page 4) GIR has a really cool pixel effect on his eye screen things
  2. (page 6) Gaz is good friends with bigfeets. she even took selfies with him.
  3. (page 8-22) ZiM makes up a lot of words this issue.
  4. (page 9) Gaz's eyes are shown as green here.
  5. (page 24) ZiM destroys the earth.

Issue #4: October 2015

The Tallests send a discarded nacho to ZiM, misleading him to believe it's a special kind of superweapon he has to charge up by performing strange tasks.
  1. (page 3) "Tallest-Purple-Is-Cool" nebula. The Tallests apparently settle these matters via coin flip.
  2. (page 4) Irken Engineer Skrang has a bag of Vortian brains plugged into his head. Additionally, the Tallest's chairs are of some interest.
  3. (page 6) "Oh my bloop"?
  4. (page 8) ZiM has a "holo-chamber" like on star trek
  5. (page 9) ZiM has little awareness of human ageing patterns. also, he bruises in purple
  6. (page 14) after getting hit by an aeroplane ZiM reports that his squeedlyspooch is burst
  7. (page 15) ZiM has a vaguely pen-shaped log recorder.
  8. (page 17) and a flamethrower attachment in his PAK.
  9. (page 23) ZiM shrinks his base ("compression defense mode") and sets it deep underground where he feels most safe.

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