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khutani stash

this is khutani, my final fantasy 14 original character donut steel etc..

for some reason he keeps mentally infecting my friends and i keep receiving gift art of him. please stop him before he becomes too powerful.

gift art

by jackal september 27, 2016: this is just khutani in The Sims. scary

by jackal sometime in 2017: no really when is this from? i couldnt find it. maybe i should check DMs.

by jackal september 16, 2017: feat. leodarion and xah'li

by jackal december 18, 2017: from an art party. hat was confiscated ):.

by lavendernest december 15, 2017:

by saga march 30, 2019: based on a spooky ghost RP. feat. trauvair

by saga march 30, 2019: based on the outcome of that same spooky ghost RP. and also "Bustin" by neil cicierega

by nati bati yi may 17, 2019: based on a sportacus costume seen online

by nati bati yi july 30, 2019: based on a popular custom emoji at the time

by julieppe november 1, 2022: plus bonus screenshot. by the way he cant read

by julieppe november 16, 2022: khutani drawn in kidpix and subsequently trapped in a salt circle to contain him

by sheep november 28, 2022: a powerful tribute granted in return for a hair mod.

by sheep december 3, 2022: another powerful (and fitting) tribute granted in return for a christmas light mod.

by sheep december 10, 2022: khutani when he made a guest appearance in Order of the Stick. Comes in naked flavour also.

by liriell february 25, 2023: art-mod-trade, with a powerful wizard who explicitly supports hats. this is also the first current/updated pic with the 2022+ look on the page. thank you liriell

by nocty february 26, 2023: this may appear to be a picture of a hat but the hat is actually the real khutani, who is secretly a powerful mind-control device with an auri meat puppet (or as they say "it's like super mario odyssey".) this hat also possessed nocty, the artist, i think. so beware and keep your distance

by cent february 26, 2023: a scene core kidpix inspired kidpix image for fixing some guys hair (:

by florence december 26, 2023: florence or lancey made me a couple gift arts for a secret santa exchange!

by florence december 26, 2023: see above. i do not understand the significance of the wolves still, but i do not object.

my art

march 5, 2017:

march 8, 2017: cosplaying as the original glanni glaepur (robbie rotten) from original lazytown stage musical. RIP ):.

may 7, 2017: what is this. did i draw this? i have no memory of drawing this. im not embedding that. what the hell.

may 22, 2017: a 3d model chibi. wont upload the whole thing cuz i think it broke at some point

july 12, 2017:

september 10, 2017:

september 17, 2017: for use on his spotify playlist

september 28, 2017: i have an updated version of this with his mustache on but i can't find it. it also comes in shirtless version

october 14, 2017: partial photomanip, attributed to "Big Enough" music video

sometime in october, 2017: the alternate/evil twin version of Khutani controlled by his hat a la Super Mario Galaxy, whomst we apparently refer to as "Hat-chan". lower right.

november 5, 2017: not sure... i was probably practicing clothes or outfits.

december 2, 2017: i have no memory of this.

december 13, 2017:

december 27, 2017: tumblr prompts series. "draw him as a furry" even tho he was already a furry

december 28, 2017: tumblr prompts series. "kigurumi" (aka onesie) topaz carbuncle-themed (thats an FF creature)

december 29, 2017: tumblr prompts series. "mermaid". with bonus "mermaid attempting to use a kigurumi"

december 31, 2017: tumblr prompts series. "wedding dress"

january 1, 2018: tumblr prompts series. "cosplay" for which i chose the best dressed character in final fantasy, Amon. incidentally this image aged REALLY well

january 4, 2018: tumblr prompts series. "as a ghost" i aint afraid of no ghost. bustin makes me feel good. etc.

january 21, 2018: khutani drawn for a character sheet(those are tights and not a weird tan btw)

february 2, 2018: request from wondr, redraw of a 'sam hyde' meme or something. quote, "I am prepared to shoot through a crowd of people in self defence" - khutani oronir

february 13, 2018: something that happened in an RP? something about drinking a demon imp? feat. wondr

february 27, 2018: chicken dinner hat

march 21, 2018: i think this was meant to be used as an avatar somewhere but got scrapped... i tried this twice before scrapping it... cant kakyoin my way out of this one...

april 28, 2018: request from key'qi. feat. s'kye with eaubront's face

april 7, 2019:

february 21, 2022: i was feeling nostalgic this day.

april 28, 2023: my long hiatus ends. i draw some pixel khutanis for the khutani rp profile website(neocities>>>carrd)

may 1, 2023: i just finished watching a pizza tower playthrough and damn, that's like, the ideal artstyle right there.