psychonauts datamining hole

hello, welcome to my crummy site. really sorry that it looks so terrible. there's just so much to do, you know? one day i'll get it like, presentable.
for now I just hope it's readable. so for now, for all the cool stuff click the "psychonauts" button just below on the left.


what's new?

(last updated feb 29 2024)

hi readers. sorry i havent updated this page in a while. things and stuff happened. my youtube has been most active. i even made an artfight page (~MelonPope)
my actual site got some updates. i've completed the worldbuilding page (too lazy to add it to the layout but it's here for the time being. i'll also consdier making an actual sitemap (maybe)

that midi player. isnt it neat. courtesy of cifkao.
this site is a big WIP so heres some buttons to emphasise that

plans/current projects